Summer Joys for the Kiddos

   Summer is fast approaching, and the weather is great so far *keeps fingers crossed*. So, we thought now would be the perfect time to share with you our list of Summer activities.

One of the most beautiful things about children is their imagination and ability to be appreciative of the small joys in life. So, we thought, one better way to help you out, other than a discount (KIDS10), is to list some of the most popular activities that are also a cost-effective way to enjoy summer, and make this a Summer to remember for all the right reasons 😉

Some of the BEST (COVID-friendly) Summer Activities include:

⦁ Playing Golf
⦁ Tie Dying Clothing
⦁ Visit the Zoo
⦁ Visit A New Park with Beautiful Scenery
⦁ BMX Bikes
⦁ Visit Museums – Design, Science, VA
⦁ Visit Sea World
⦁ Swimming
⦁ Painting
⦁ Visit Aquariums
⦁ Make S’Mores
⦁ Backyard Camping
⦁ Visiting A Theme Park
⦁ Go to The Beach
⦁ Family or Support Bubble Sleepover
⦁ Movie Marathon
⦁ Build A Den
⦁ Have a family or Support Bubble Sports Day
⦁ Feed The Ducks
⦁ Treasure Hunt
⦁ Go Biking, Skating or Skateboarding
⦁ Car Wash Day
⦁ Paint Rocks
⦁ Baking
⦁ Make Homemade Popsicles
⦁ Have a BBQ.


We have bolded the most cost-effective ones because we know Summer is a season that tends to put a dent in the bank.
Although Summer is all about fun, we cannot let education slip so one way to integrate fun with education is a ‘Next Year Ready’ Board, which is simply a learning board with a reward-based activity schedule to inject some excitement into the process of learning.
As you know, children love when they can take ownership or responsibility for anything. So perhaps purchase some Chalkboard wallpaper or clear instant whiteboard dry erase sheets to put up in their bedrooms or a central place in the house, for them to create their own Summer Bucket List.

That’s it from us regarding Summer plans, but we’d love to hear about the festivities you’re planning – leave us a comment below sharing what you’ll be up to or suggesting what you’d like to hear from us, promise we don’t bite 😉