I&A Uniform prides itself in prioritising durable school uniform and is determined to provide exceptional quality. We understand that the durability of the school uniform is high on the list of priorities for parents as it ensures that it lasts longer and makes it easier on the pockets.

There are some other tips you can adopt to guarantee the durability of your school uniform – here are our top tips:

1. Always follow the instruction of the care label

We understand that it is much easier to just wash all laundry in the same manner, however, to extend the useful life of the school uniform, it is important that you are attentive to the care label and follow the instructions. Each item of clothing is different and as such it requires a different level of attention.

2. Wash Before Wear

Many garments have extra fibres exposed from the manufacturing process, so it is best that you wash the uniform before your child wears them. It will also reduce pulling and bobbling because it removes excess fibres before they have the opportunity to rub together.

3. Ironing The Uniform

When ironing it is more convenient to go with your trusted favourite setting, however, it is important that you use the appropriate setting with the specific item of clothing. Never use a random setting as it may burn, cripple or damage the clothes.

4. Cultivate the habit of changing as soon as they get home

We know most families after school routine includes different activities to help the children develop further. School uniform best practice is changing immediately after getting home.

5. Fabric Conditioner can impact the durability of your garment

Fabric conditioner makes the fibres softer, garments easier to iron and protects the colour. However, our trousers are already protected with Teflon™ Fabric Protector, therefore using fabric conditioner can be counterproductive because it interferes with the process. This ultimately reduces its useful life.

6. Washing Machine Etiquette

Never wash school uniform on a random mode. Pay careful attention to the care label and use the mode as instructed. This is will ensure that your uniform is protected.

When washing knitwear, please follow the garment’s care guidelines first and foremost. If permitted to wash in a machine, please do so inside out to protect the material.

7. Do Not Mix!

Do not mix your clothes with white items of uniform as the colours may run. This will alter the dazzling white hue. This is the ultimate safeguarding tip to prevent your clothes from changing colour.

8. Labelling

When using iron-on labels, please only use them on clothing items that are iron-friendly, otherwise, you risk weakening the material prematurely. When using iron-on labels, please remember to utilise a layer between the iron and clothing to avoid sear marks.

9. Cool Wash

Washing your school uniform at 30° to preserve your garments, which also simultaneously saves energy which is increasingly beneficial for the environment. The highest temperature uniform should be washed on is 40°which is appropriate for tougher stains. Any temperature higher than 40° should never be used.

10. Use an antibacterial or disinfectant in your wash

Children are exposed to a range of different environments, as well as this still being a pandemic, it is advisable that you use an antibacterial or disinfectant to ward off any roaming germs.

We hope you found this blog useful! Feel free to share with your fellow parents to help them have longer-lasting uniform too!

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